Lifeline IF 7113 Arm Curl Bench

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  • Portable arm curl bench
  • The bench is made up of a heavy-duty steel frame of 2 inches
  • Suitable for a wide range of free-weight bicep exercises
  • It can be used for weight lifting, body toning, muscle building, and body strengthening
  • The product allows upper-body conditioning as the bench allows you to target the front of your upper and lower arm muscle groups
  • Cushioned seat with sweat-proof padded foam for you to exercise comfortably
  • Adjustable seat positions to accommodate different heights and provide different fitness levels
  • Rubber foot caps protect the metal framework from damaging flooring& help keep the bench in position
  •  IF 7113 arm curl bench building massive and strong arm muscles is the main goal of most athletes. This requires intensive and effective biceps or triceps training.
  • The single-arm dumbbell preacher curl is an exercise that focuses on building the biceps, particularly the biceps peak.
  • IF 7113 is suitable for all fitness levels of abdominal exercise equipment, multiple positions can be adjusted to accommodate different heights and provide different fitness levels.
  • A thick bench cushion provides more support for your spine, giving you a more efficient workout. This product has non-slip foam padded handles which secure your ankles and legs for safety.
  • Curls are a fantastic exercise to improve your curling form and target your biceps. You can use dumbbells, barbells, and even EZ curl bars to isolate your biceps.
  • Soft and Comfortable Cushions – The adjustable weight bench comes with two thickness cushions. Comfortable high-density foam padding and seat secure the body firmly and reduce muscle fatigue during workouts.
  • Free PAN India voice and video call assistance, (working hours: Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm). A YouTube installation video link is also available. In a few cities, we can connect you to technicians who provide installation services on a chargeable basis.

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Dimensions 41 × 22 × 34 in

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