Vision Statement
our vision is to make people fit by spreading fitness awareness and Make fitness equipment available in each nook and corner of the  Planet Earth

Mission Statement
At LIFELINE we are passionate about exercise and wellness. Fitness is of the utmost importance in this day and lifestyle. More and more of us lead more sedentary, office-based lives as computers dominate many professions. Our goal at Lifeline is to Spread fitness awareness and get you, fitter, by making it as easy and as fun as possible for a longer, healthier, happier life……

Spiritual Mission Statement
Make people mentally fit by spreading Fitness awareness, motivating them to lead a healthier life through exercise

  1. Giving detailed insights into the benefits of exercise, making individuals motivated to make fitness part of routine life.
  2. Reduce medical costs and pain in people’s life by promoting fitness.
  3. Convey effectively the idea of how a healthy body contributes to a healthy mind and a peaceful life. 

Business Mission Statement & Guiding Area
Provide the highest quality of Health and Fitness Products that guarantee a safe and satisfying user experience. 

  1. Make affordable fitness equipment so all individuals have the privilege of being fit.
  2. Consider the troubles and concerns of every customer and help them in terms of service support, installation, how to use, and make the most effective use of the machine.
  3. Make fitness equipment available in each nook and corner of the  Planet Earth

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