Hg 005 Combo-2

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This combo set includes a chrome barbell bar 6ft (28mm), high-quality rubberized commercial-grade weight plates (2.5kg, 5kg each pair), the HG-005 Home Gym with a solid 72kg weight stack (that’s 12 plates!) for full-body challenges, lat pull-down rods, tricep rods, and an ankle strap for targeted muscle workouts, along with a preacher curl attachment for sculpting perfect biceps. The true standout is the Lifeline LB-309 Multi-Bench! This adjustable bench enables you to target every muscle group without requiring a bunch of extra equipment. With a maximum support capacity of 400 lbs, the bench boasts a comfortable cushioned seat and adjustable backrest positions, including incline, decline, and flat bench press options. Leg curls, leg extensions, dumbbell fly, dips – it’s all built-in! Storage bars keep your weight plates organized for quick transitions. This space-saving combo provides everything you need for a complete home gym experience.


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