Hg 005 Combo-1

Original price was: ₹54,150.00.Current price is: ₹25,999.00.

This champion duo brings the power of a full gym right to your home.The LB-311 is your versatile workout partner, featuring 8 backrest positions for incline, decline, and flat exercises. It’s a sturdy fortress with a 330lb weight capacity, built to handle your toughest routines with heavy-duty steel tubing and a resilient powder-coated finish.Teaming up with the Lifeline bench is the HG-005 Home Gym, armed with a solid 72kg weight stack (that’s 12 plates!) for full-body challenges. Target every muscle group with lat pull-down rods, tricep rods, and an ankle strap. Sculpt your biceps to perfection with the preacher curl attachment.


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