HG 002 Combo Set

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The Lifeline hg-002 home workout machine, with its 72kg steel frame and easy-to-use pulley system, offers a comprehensive workout targeting multiple muscle groups. Our durable skipping ropes enhance stamina and circulation, with comfortable handles for effective home or gym workouts. Complete your regimen with our sweat belt for increased sweating and toning, and our spacious gym bag for all your workout essentials.



Our high-quality skipping ropes are perfect for everyone, from kids to adults. Built to last, these ropes enhance stamina and boost blood circulation, offering a convenient and versatile workout solution. The comfortable handles ensure a secure grip for an effective and enjoyable exercise. Ideal for home or gym workouts, these versatile ropes are your key to achieving fitness goals.

If you are looking for a more heavy-weight training option at home, the Lifeline hg-002 home workout machine could be a good fit. The machine has a sturdy steel frame and an overall weight of 72kg. It features an easy-to-use pulley system with components like a lat pull-down rod, a tricep rod, and an ankle strap. The hg-002 can target the back, chest, biceps, triceps, and many other muscle groups. It comes with cushioned seats and sweat-resistant padding to create a comfortable workout experience.

To complete your fitness regimen, we also offer a versatile sweat belt and a convenient gym bag. The sweat belt helps in enhancing your workout by promoting increased sweating, which can aid in weight loss and muscle toning. The adjustable fit ensures comfort and effectiveness during your exercise routines. Our spacious gym bag is designed to hold all your workout essentials, including your skipping rope, sweat belt, and more, making it easy to carry your gear to the gym or store it at home.

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