Lifeline LG 700 Power Cage

Original price was: ₹285,000.00.Current price is: ₹159,999.00.

The LIFELINE Fitness Gold Master Cage is here to transform your space into a total-body sculpting space. This feature-packed powerhouse isn’t just a rack; it’s a full-fledged gym condensed into a single, sleek machine. Crafted from heavy-duty steel with a captivating red and black finish, This Power Cage offers unparalleled stability, style, and functionality.

Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar: Enhance your back and arm workouts. This bar features multiple handholds, allowing you to target different muscle groups with various pull-up and chin-up variations. Isolate your biceps with a narrow grip or challenge your back with a wide grip.

Adjustable Safety Bars: Train with confidence. The adjustable safety bars act as your personal spotter, catching the weight if needed. Customize the height for various exercises, ensuring a safe and worry-free workout.

Integrated Weight Plate Storage: Keep your workout area organized and clutter-free. The built-in weight plate storage eliminates the need for separate plate holders, saving you space and keeping your plates within easy reach.

Chin-Up Handles: Go beyond basic pull-ups. These additional handles offer alternative grip positions for variations or targeting specific muscle groups in your back and arms.

Precision-Glide Smith Machine: Experience controlled, guided barbell movements. The integrated Smith machine allows for a safer and more precise workout, ideal for beginners or those seeking to isolate specific muscle groups.

Parallel Bars: Master dips, rows, and more. These sturdy bars provide the perfect platform for sculpting your chest, triceps, and shoulders.

High-Cable Lat Pulldown: Build a sculpted back. This attachment allows you to perform various pulling motions similar to pull-ups or rows, but in a more isolated way, for targeted back development.

Installation: Free PAN India voice and video call assistance (Working Hours: Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm). A YouTube installation video link is also available. If you require on-site installation service, you can contact our customer support, who will arrange installation service for nominal charges (these charges would be extra).


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