Lifeline LA 100 Pull Up Bar



  • Multi functional pull-up bar
  • Made up of a heavy-duty steel frame of2 inches
  • 4mm thick base and triangular support structure makes it sturdy
  • Pull-up bar can be used for body toning, muscle building and body strengthening
  • Product allows full-body conditioning as the pull-up bar allows you to target your back, shoulder, bicep, tricep, lats, abdominals & many more muscle groups
  • A variety of exercises can be performed; Pull-ups, Push-ups, Chin-ups, Sit-ups, Tricep dips and Leg raise
  • Handle grips are made up of high density sweat-proof PVC rubber which prevents hands from slipping while working out
  • Powder coating makes the product long-lasting and non-corrosive (rust-free)
  • Ideal for home use
  • NOTE: It is recommended to mount the pull up bar on a concrete brick/ solid cement wall/ solid red brick wall/ solid tile wall. Before each use, make sure that the rod is firmly tightened and stable to avoid any chance of injury. Children need adult supervision.

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 23 × 43 in

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