Lifeline LE 111T Air Bike 3in1

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  • Comfort: High-quality foam handles provide maximum comfort during your workout routine, offering a secure and comfortable grip.
  • Progress: Stay motivated and track your progress with the user-friendly tracker and LCD, which shows real-time feedback on your workout metrics such as time, distance, speed, and calories burned.
  • Resistance: Easily adjust the tension level of your workout with the convenient tension knob, utilizing belt resistance technology for seamless transitions and effective resistance training.
  • Adjustability: The seat adjusts both horizontally and vertically for your perfect fit, ensuring a comfy workout with ideal posture every time.
  • Safety: Keep your feet secure and maintain balance during intense workouts with the strapped pedals, ensuring safety and stability while you focus on achieving your fitness goals.
  • Flexibility: Switch between moving and stationary handles effortlessly to target different muscle groups and enjoy a versatile workout that caters to your fitness needs.
  • Pushup Stand: A compact tool designed to enhance upper body strength and overall fitness, providing a comprehensive workout for the body.
  • Twister Stand: Enhance your exercise routine with rotational movements, engaging core muscles dynamically for improved core strength and stability.
  • Free PAN India support: Get assistance via video or voice call during working hours (Mon-Sat, 10 am – 7 pm). Watch our YouTube installation video for step-by-step instructions. Choose paid professional installation in select cities for a hassle-free experience.

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Dimensions 36 × 9 × 25.5 in

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